GeoCoLab are looking for expressions of interest from analytical facilities that can partner with GeoCoLab. We are hoping to have a network of facilities who agree to partner withGeoCoLab in principle by the end of the hackathon (15th October 2021) so we can demonstrate the feasibility of the project. Expressions of interest at this stage do not commit facilities if GeoCoLab is funded. If you would like to submit an expression of interest, please complete this form

Who will know that my lab has submitted an expression of interest?

We will not be making this list publicly available, but it will be appended to the proposal for funding. This will be read by the Advisory Group, NERC, and reviewers. If funded, our match-making algorithm would anonymously match researcher need with the facility. We will not be listing partner facilities on the platform, which protects facilities from unsolicited approaches.

We can’t offer infinite pro bono work?

GeoCoLab would develop a Memorandum of Understanding with each facility, which would set out, amongst other things, the types of analyses they can offer, and the limits of the service each facility could offer each year, e.g. how many analyses, days, projects. We would also develop collaboration agreements ensuring that partnerships matched through GeoCoLab follow principles of ethical, open science protecting both researchers and the facility.

I have more thoughts and concerns about this project

We want to understand the barriers to participation in GeoCoLab that analytical facilities may face so we can work to address these if GeoCoLab is funded. We appreciate your feedback, and can collect this through (1) the expression of interest form or (2) by emailing us at

We will continue to update this page with FAQs.